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Journal Category Basic APC ($) *
British Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology (BJCSIT) $81
American Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (AJFSN) $70
European Journal Of Immunology and Microbiology (EJIM) $85
British Journal of Environmental Science and Management (BJESM) $84
Asian Journal of HR and Economics (AJHRE) $76
European Journal of Fashion and textile Engineering (EJFTE) $68
Journal of Medicine and Health Science (JMHS) $88
European Journal of Earth Science and Geology (EJESG) $72
Continental Journal of Bioinformatics (CJBI) $87
British Journal of Civil and Architecture Engineering (BJCAE) $74
Asian Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology (AJGMB) $86
American Journal of Medical and Pharmacy Research (AJMPR) $89
American Journal of Mathematics and Physics Application (AJMPA) $73
Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (JCEAC) $76
American Journal of Agriculture, Horticulture and Soil Science (AJAHS)  $83
Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (JEECS) $78
Journal of Accounting, Marketing and Financial Management (JAMFM)  $79
* The Author will able to pay his/her APC(Application Procceesing Charge) by Author Dashboard as soon as his/her Article is accepted.


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