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Article Processing Charges FAQ

Why does SDIP Press have article-processing fees (APCs)?

Publishing isn't without prices. SDIP Press Journals defray very low cost prices from article-processing charges (APCs), because it does now not have subscription fees for its studies content material, believing rather that instantaneous, international-wide, barrier-free, to the full text of studies articles is within the quality interests. Like maximum other critical publishers, SDIP Press maintains its excessive satisfactory of provider through an ‘creator-pay’ model. As such, manuscripts which might be standard for publication following peer overview incur a publishing fee.

Am i able to keep away from paying article-processing costs (APCs)?

it actually depends, payment should be made by one person. author(s) can share their apc or pay only by him is totally their group decision.

Does SDIP Press Journals provide discounts on Article-Processing fees?

SDIP Press Journals gives various discounts on APCs, which are mentioned below. The reductions are distinctive of each different and cannot be collected. Qualifying journals, Editorial Board Member, 50% off on complete Article-Processing fees (quality papers), Reviewer cut price handiest applies to the journal in which the review was undertaken. submitting author should be the editor to be presented the bargain. Editor cut price best applies to the journal wherein the editor serves.
Please note that if the filing writer's corporation is a SDIP Press Journals member, the value of the thing processing charge is included by using the membership, and no in addition rate is payable. Please check if your institution is an SDIP Press Journals member.

Who is liable for making the payment?

Whoever submits the manuscript is chargeable for making or arranging the price (as an instance, through his or her organization). The submitting author ought to affirm, at the time of submission, that they may arrange price must the thing be prevalent for booklet.

How do I pay?

You have to submit your manuscript first by creating your author's dashboard account. If your paper is accepted, payment method will automatically visible into your dashboard. after the acceptance, you can check the submission list of your account where a button will indicate pay now. payment method is very flexible. set off charge is advised, fee may be made via PayPal or any cards like (visa, mastercard, american express etc).

Article withdrawal policy

An writer possess all the rights to withdraw the manuscript after submitting it.

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