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Screening of Cane Genotypes Under Sprinkler Irrigation at Early Selection Stage for Tolerance to Sugarcane Streak Mosaic Virus (SCSMV) at Ferké Sugar Estates in Ivory Coast

By, Journal ID: AJAHS-17-10-2019-139
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Sugarcane streak mosaic virus (SCSMV) became the major endemic disease of economic importance in Ivorian sugar estates almost two years ago, which spreads very fast across plantations and varieties. The study aimed to determine resistant sugarcane genotypes against SCSMV in Ferké sugar estates. It involved five experiments conducted at first selection stage under sprinkler irrigation, following a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 20 to 30 different genotypes, two check varieties included, all in 4 replicates. Experiments were planted in October or December 2018, and expected to be harvested in November or December 2019 and 2020 as plant cane and first ratoon, respectively. Disease incidence and severity across all experiments were determined at 3 to 4 months, i.e. at early formative growth stage where symptoms due to SCSMV can be easily observed and recognized in the field. Highly significant differences in disease incidence and severity within cane genotypes tested were observed which shows their genetic diversity regarding crop resistance or susceptibility to SCSMV. Fifty percent of genotypes tested were found tolerant that disease, 23% moderately resistant as well as susceptible, 4% highly susceptible and 5% asymptomatic or supposed to be highly resistant. At the end of the current selection stage under way, i.e. after harvest of first ratoon, only the best yielding genotypes among the resistant ones will undergo the advanced selection stage.

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