American Journal of Mathematics and Physics Application (AJMPA)—Open Access Journal

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American Journal of Mathematics and Physics Application (AJMPA) is a peer-reviewed journal. The journal seeks to publish original research articles that are hypothetical and theoretical in its nature and that provide exploratory insights in the following fields but not limited to:

Physics Section:

Astrophysics Atomic and molecular physics
Biophysics Chemical physics
Civil engineering Cluster physics
Computational physics Condensed matter
Cosmology Device physics
Fluid dynamics Geophysics
High energy particle physics Laser
Mechanical engineering Medical physics
Nanotechnology Nonlinear science
Nuclear physics Optics
 Photonics Plasma and fluid physics
 Quantum physics Robotics
Soft matter and polymers Statistical mechanics
Surface science Theoretical physics and Thermodynamics

Mathematics Section:


Algebra, Number theory, operation research Algebraic geometry, System theory, Numerical analysis
Analysis and advanced calculus, Mathematical Statistics Approximation theory, Mathematical Programming
Boundary layer theory, Mathematical Physics Calculus of  variations, Mathematical economics
Combinatorics, Mathematical Chemistry Complex analysis, Mathematical biology
Demography, Mathematical analysis Differential equations, Logic
Cryptography, Magnetohydrodynamics, optimal Control Differential geometry, Lie algebras, Ordinary Differential Equation
Dynamical systems, Information theory, Partial Differential Equations Econometrics, Integral transforms, Potential theory, Fluid Dynamics
Functional analysis, Integral equations, Probability theory Game theory, General topology, Real analysis and topology
Geometry, Graph theory, Ring theory, Solid mechanics, statistics Group theory, Industrial mathematics, Theory of computation


American Journal of Mathematics and physics Application(AJMPA) is an open-access, online international journal that provides online publication of original research work, review and views in all areas of basic and applied branches of Physics and Mathematical Sciences. The aim of the Journal is to provide a platform for the researchers and academicians throughout the world to speedily publish, share and discuss various new findings and developments in the areas of Physics and Mathematical Sciences.

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