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Common Fixed Point Theorems of Some Hybrid Iterative Schemes for Inequality Operators in Banach Spaces Paper ID: BJCSIT-29-10-2019-149
Abstract : In this paper, we introduce some hybrid iterative schemes (Picard-Ishikawa, Picard-AK, Picard-S hybrid iterative schemes) in line with Picard-Mann scheme and establish some strong convergence results for generalized contractive-like inequality operators introduced by Imoru and Olatinwo [10] in a Banach space. We also compare the convergence speed of CR, SP, Picard-Mann hybrid iterative schemes with our results (Picard-S, Picard-AK, Picard-Ishikawa hybrid iterative shemes). It is shown that one of our results (Picard-S iterative scheme) converges faster than others (CR, SP, Picard-AK, Picard- Ishikawa, Picard-Mann hybrid iterative schemes) for increasing functions, while the Picard-AK scheme is faster than CR scheme for decreasing function. Our results generalize and extend multitude of results in the literature, including the results of Khan [13].
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Authorship Pattern and Degree of Collaboration in Information Technology Paper ID: BJCSIT-01-10-2019-128
Abstract : The investigation exhibits the patterns in initiation example and writer's shared research in Data Innovation with an example of 17917 articles gather from LISA during 2000-2009.The normal number of writers per article is 1.80. In the investigation the level of joint effort (C) during the general 10 years (2000-2009) is 0.71 however the year shrewd level of cooperation is practically same in every one of the long periods of mean worth 0.49. In the 10 years of period, the multi-origin articles are higher and transcendent on single creation. The examination found that the looks into in Data Innovation are keep toward group research or gathering research as opposed to solo research.
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Assessment of ICT Infrastructure on ICT Adoption in Educational Institutions: A Descriptive Survey of Secondary Schools in Kiambu County Kenya Paper ID: BJCSIT-01-10-2019-115
Abstract : Globalization and advancement have encouraged concentrated business rivalry which thus has expanded the requirement for reception of new innovations to build the productivity in administration conveyance. ICT has wide application in open administrations: in organization, in the instructive framework, in the medicinal services division, and in transportation. This examination anyway centered around instruction segment explicitly in auxiliary schools in Kiambu area in Kenya. Regardless of ICT effectiveness, potential and consistent job in improving efficiency and learning move in social, monetary and political mainstays of advancement, it's reception in Secondary schools in Kenya has stayed low and constrained. The examination embraced an expressive research configuration approach and focused on all general society and private Secondary schools in Thika locale in Kiambu area in Kenya. The discoveries demonstrate a positive relationship between the pace of ICT appropriation and high foundation costs, pace of ICT reception and insufficient web availability, pace of ICT selection and nonappearance of clear arrangement rules in broad daylight and private Secondary schools in Thika Area prompting low ICT use causing deferral of real innovation combination in schools. This examination proposes and suggests that; Essential foundation procurement and bolster rules be profited to schools. Similarly, the School ICT foundation be expense deferred or zero evaluated to address expenses of I
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Change in outlook in Healthcare through Technology and Patient-Centeredness Paper ID: BJCSIT-28-07-2019-84
Abstract : In the midst of the foundation of various difficulties going up against the social insurance division, (for example, increasing costs, incessant sickness upsurge and issues identified with patient wellbeing), this story audit plans to reveal insight into the open doors given by patient-focused consideration and innovation use as a way to improve and reshape the medicinal services part. The development of innovation use in social insurance from telemedicine to the present time of associated wellbeing is featured and talked about as a relevant rising model to reinforce the patient-focused consideration and connection the parts of the medicinal services division. Different patterns in the innovation field which maintain the fundamentals of patient-focused consideration are additionally delineated. Finally, a portion of the basic perspectives about digitalization of wellbeing that have obstructed the across the board appropriation have been contacted.
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Learning The board Approach for the development of Open Private Organizations utilizing Mental Maps Paper ID: BJCSIT-28-07-2019-80
Abstract : The present paper means to contribute for the scholarly capital develop on the field of open private associations (PPP). Thusly, an emotionally supportive network for the choice of the structure up and the administration of PPP extends on transportation foundation has been created dependent on the methodological help of the Information The executives (KM) Hypothesis. The previously mentioned framework considers a grouping of procedures coordinated to the prioritization positioning of learning objects, so to help directors to pick needs in regards to data and hypothetical information. This stage comprised of the accompanying advances: (a) the get together of basic achievement factors; (b) the assurance of data regions; (c) the prioritization of the necessities of data. Moreover, the assignment of learning items resulted as pursues: (a) the determination of the idea of information; (b) the recognizable proof and procurement of learning; (c) the prioritization of information objects, (d) the psychological portrayal of the objects of information. The outcomes acquired have been fulfilling, approving the procedure proposed for amassing and the prioritization of basic learning for undertakings on PPP, just as for the constitution of different components of the scholarly capital for the concession strategies and associations, most extreme out and about venture field.
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