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American Journal of Medical and Pharmacy Research (AJMPR)

Development, evaluation and application of Transfersomal Green tea extract (Camellia sinensis) formulations

(This article belongs to Vol - 02, Issue - 01)
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Many studies have shown the beneficial health effects of green tea extract in treatment and protection from many diseases. However, inconsistent results were observed; mainly due to poor absorption and low bioavailability associated with oral administration of green tea extract formulations. Conventional alternative route of administration such as transdermal route is proceeded with an advanced nanoparticle delivery system known as transfersomes. Different formulations of transfersomes are prepared with different types and percentages of edge activators in relation to phospholipid content. This review is intended to evaluate and discuss in-vitro and in-vivo behavior of the prepared transfersomal formulations of green tea extract; which in turn would result in enhancing their therapeutic efficacy

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