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Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (JEECS)

Particle Swarm Optimization in the usage consequences for low power in optimized PID Controller.

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Controllers are used to modify the behaviour of a gadget so it behaves in a particular suitable way. Proportional- Integral-Derivative controller has excessive effectiveness, simplicity in implementation so that, it's miles the maximum broadly used controller in industries for many packages. Conventional approach of tuning PID controller creates massive overshoot. This is an appropriate result for some cause but not most suitable for all applications. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) method of Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm is employed in tuning of PID controller. The important intention of this particular work is to evaluate the traditional technique and PSO method of tuning the PID controller and to prove that PSO technique is greener than the traditional approach in tuning the control parameters. Such sort of optimized controllers can be used for low energy programs with excessive efficiency

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