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Open Access Category: JAMFM Total View - 57
Measuring the Earnings Quality in Iraqi Commercial Banks On the Basis Of Net Income and Net Operating Cash Flows Paper ID: JAMFM-27-08-2019-107
Abstract : Abstract— The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of the net operating cash flow and net income as an indicator of the earnings quality in Iraqi commercial banks, with a view to testing the influence of net operating cash flow to the earnings quality. In order to realize the purpose of this study, the published financial statements has taken into consideration for (4) banks listed in Iraq Stock Exchange during the period of 2012 – 2015, where the researchers have analyzed the relationship between the net income and the operating cash flow by calculating the operating cash flow index for each bank which indicates how the reported income can continue for future periods regardless the current amount of net income. Hence, the net income does not reflect realistic earnings power of the period without comparing it with the operating cash flow, and for that the users of financial statement have to measure the earnings quality to reveal any influence on the net income and to gauge the ability of reported earnings in generating cash flows, and to know about these earnings are sustainable for future periods or not.
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Open Access Category: AJMPA Total View - 91
The computation of the Kadić-Edelen forces using the principle of least action. Paper ID: AJMPA-24-08-2019-106
Abstract : In this paper, basing on the principle of least action, we calculate the forces which act on the momentum of a particle in a tensor interaction field. These forces were obtained by Kadić-Edelen within the framework of the continuum dislocation theory in analogy with electrodynamics. It is shown that: 1) the centrally symmetric force of the tensor interaction field is similar to the Coulomb force. It contains a potential term of the Euler hydrodynamics equations and is responsible for the homogeneous motions of the continuous medium; 2) the vortex force of the tensor field is similar to the Lorentz force. It coincides with the force of Peach-Koehler, in a solid state, and is responsible for the vortex motion of the continuous medium. It is concluded that the forces obtained act in any medium, and not only in a solid state, as was previously stated in the theory of Kadić-Edelen.
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Open Access Category: AJGMB Total View - 1115
From Targeted Testing To Targeted Analysis: The Era of Comprehensive Clinical Genomics Analysis Is Coming Paper ID: AJGMB-09-08-2019-105
Abstract : With the generally use of cutting-edge sequencing (NGS) innovation in facility and the advancement of atomic systems look into in tumor, an ever-increasing number of sub-atomic markers have been recognized and utilized in clinical finding and treatment choices [1-4]. Discovery of handfuls or several qualities by focused sequencing has been generally utilized in the determination and treatment of different oncological and hereditary ailments, and reports of genomics examination dependent on entire exome sequencing (WES), entire genome sequencing (WGS), and transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq) is additionally essentially expanded.
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Open Access Category: AJGMB Total View - 1037
Contribution of a Specific Ubiquitin Ligase in Assembly of the Cytoplasmic Dynein Motor in Neurospora crassa Paper ID: AJGMB-09-08-2019-104
Abstract : This article portrays how, methodologically, the qualities which can be connected to idiopathic toe strolling have been distinguished. Also, the article gives an outline of the applicable qualities which have been recognized and characterizes them as indicated by the Types of Toe Walking plan by Pomarino. It clarifies, why this new research offers motivation to the case that idiopathic toe strolling does not in actuality existEukaryotic cells use different sub-atomic engine proteins to achieve intracellular vehicle. Despite the fact that there exist various types of kinesin for anterograde vehicle, just a solitary cytoplasmic type of dynein completes the elements of retrograde vehicle. To achieve its assignments, dynein utilizes numerous subunits and extra proteins, including overwhelming chains, light chains, middle of the road chains, light moderate chains, and dynactin to shape an engine complex of a few megadaltons. Various dynein overwhelming chain freaks were detached already from a hereditary screen in the filamentous growth Neurospora crassa, with a subset situated to the C-terminal district, which were the point of convergence of this work. To investigate the system by which these changes influence dynein work, both intragenic and extragenic silencers were distinguished. An epic extragenic silencer of dynein changes was found, a quality encoding a putative E3 ubiquitin ligase with homologs present in higher living beings, including people. Change or cancellation of t
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Open Access Category: BJESM Total View - 879
Over-the-ground to establish biomass proportions in pea and vetch after treatment with natural manure Paper ID: BJESM-28-07-2019-95
Abstract : Some development parameters of pea (cv. Pleven 4) and vetch (cv. Obrazets 666) after treatment with natural manure were contemplated in a field preliminary completed at the Organization of Rummage Harvests, Pleven, Bulgaria. Humustim as natural compost was connected through presowing treatment of seeds, treatment during vegetation and blend between both, at various dosages. Proportions of over-the-ground weight to root framework weight, over-the-ground tallness to root framework length, just as explicit root length were resolved. It was discovered that the development factors of plants were decidedly impacted by natural manure. The over-the-ground weight to root framework weight proportions of pea ran from 4.80 to 6.29 and was higher than vetch. Over-the-ground tallness to establish framework length proportion in pea extended from 6.95 to 7.93, and in vetch from 5.30 to 7.39. The utilization of natural compost at the portion of 1.2 L/t and treatment during vegetation brought about better execution of root framework and explicit root length was 78.6 for pea and 84.3 for vetch
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