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Open Access Category: AJMPR Total View - 593
Information, Demeanor, And Practices Among the Rehearsing Dental Specialists with respect to Bio-Medicinal Waste Administration in Visakhapatnam Paper ID: AJMPR-24-06-2019-28
Abstract : To assess the knowledge, mindset, and practices on Bio-medical waste control amongst practicing dentists in Visakhapatnam city. the existing move-sectional questionnaire takes a look at turned into carried out in Visakhapatnam town. The examined sample blanketed 41 graduate and 248 postgraduate practitioners. The survey was scheduled over a duration of 15 days. information was accumulated using a self-administered questionnaire. Of 289 (100%) observe participants, 241 (83.4%) were men and 48 (16.6%) have been ladies. amongst 289(100%) examine participants, more than 3-fourths, i.e., 241 (88.4%) knew approximately BM waste era and legislation, whereas 23 (6.8%) every did not recognize and have been no longer aware of it. There is a good level of information and consciousness about BM waste generation hazards, legislation, and control among health care personnel in Visakhapatnam city. normal tracking and education are still required in any respect tiers, and there's a need for persevering with dental training on dental waste control practices to these dental practitioners.
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Open Access Category: AJMPR Total View - 954
Abstract : Dysfunctional uterine bleeding is a major gynecologic hassle, with numerous remedy options. A good sized percentage of these sufferers go through hysterectomy. to analyze the hormonal milieu at the tissue degree, we semi-quantitatively assessed the estrogen and progesterone receptors in the endometrial samples of fifty DUB sufferers, by way of Immunohistochemistry. We observed a big boom (p < 0.001) within the concentration of both estrogen and progesterone receptors in patients with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, in comparison to the regular populace. We also mentioned a substantial growth inside the endometrial thickness (p < 0.001) of sufferers with easy endometrial hyperplasia. Our look at demonstrates the position of estrogen and progesterone receptors in the etiopathogenesis of dysfunctional uterine bleeding and within the alteration within the morphology of endometrium, consisting of easy endometrial hyperplasia. We suggest the usage of progesterone antagonists and selective progesterone receptor modulators within the remedy of patients with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, especially in people with endometrial hyperplasia, who convey the longtime danger of endometrial carcinoma with sustained endometrial estrogenic stimulation.
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Open Access Category: AJMPR Total View - 975
Abstract : Studies on the extent of adherence to folic acid (FA) and factors related were restricted in a wide variety and confirmed discrepancy in the identical region and among exceptional populations. via detecting those elements, there could be an opportunity to improve the compliance and then decrease in the prevalence of unwanted consequences as NTD. The health care companies have a crucial role in this adherence. A go-sectional observe that uses a multistage sampling approach turned into used. It becomes conducted amongst multiple number one health care centers in Al-Ahsa town. The pattern size turned into 176 pregnant ladies based on the superiority of recognition concerning FA intake during being pregnant. It turned into 160 first of all, however, 10% of sufferers were introduced so one can manipulate the dropouts. the prevalence of use of FA among pregnant in their first trimester turned into satisfactory (87%). simplest 2% of pregnant have a previous toddler with NTD. by means of assessing the FA adherence degree, we located that only 15% are especially adherent. A not unusual motive (71%) of low adherence changed into forgetfulness secondary to taking care of others observed via being an operating mother and unawareness of FA significance. 13% of pregnant did now not take FA in any respect. the main motives in the back of the non-use of FA as participant cited that FA changed into now not prescribed for them, followed via unawareness of its importance all through pregnancy. there has been an effective correlation between the extent of adherence and affected person-medical doctor relationship. A 74% affected person had a very appropriate rapport with their number one fitness care physicians (p.c.). For excessive adherence, the affected person has to recognize and recognize the significance of the FA taking, and why she takes it and whilst she will be able to prevent it properly. improvement of adherence is required, and this needs qualified health practitioner with precise conversation talent, enough time for each pregnant.
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Open Access Category: JAMFM Total View - 462
Monetary Coverage Management in Nigeria: Powerful Diversification Approaches Paper ID: JAMFM-24-06-2019-25
Abstract : The have a look at tested effective strategies to diversifying policy management: The way ahead. This paper tested diverse techniques to diversifying policy control in Nigeria. The observe additionally examines the impact of diversifying policy management on the development of the Nigeria economy. The populace includes 562 employees of the Dangote group of the agency in the Enugu kingdom. The study used the survey technique. The primary resources used have been used to manage 290 copies of questionnaires to the sampled team of workers of Dangote agencies in Enugu, 282 had been back and correctly stuffed. The validity of the instrument was examined the usage of content material analysis and the end result turned into a top. The reliability changed into examined using the Pearson correlation coefficient (r). It gave a reliability coefficient of zero.87 which become also suitable. The hypotheses had been analyzed the usage off-facts (ANOVA). The examine shows that diversifying coverage control performs a great role within the development of the Nigeria financial system. monetary diversification is the method of increasing the range of economic activities each within the production and distribution of goods and offerings. The look at recommends that distinct sections of the kingdom and levels of government need to increase different aspects of the financial system wherein they have got a comparative advantage. Efforts need to accommodate the key necessities of sustainable improvement which encompass assembly the fundamental needs of guy (job, food, fitness, clothing, and refuge), retaining equity both inside and between generations, enhancing on the era and social business enterprise to amplify the environmental potential to preserve human needs.
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Open Access Category: JAMFM Total View - 430
Observe on results of products and provider tax separate sectors in India Paper ID: JAMFM-24-06-2019-24
Abstract : A long-awaited reform has become a reality in India on 1st July 2017. Groups and enterprise agencies used to pay some of the oblique taxes like excise obligation, customs duty, significant sales tax, service tax levied via relevant authorities and VAT, access tax and octopi, etc. levied through the kingdom authorities. GST is going to consolidate these a couple of taxes into one as ‘One state, one market, One Tax’. Integration of goods and services tax could truly lead to ease of doing enterprise and simplifies tax compliance. As it's far going to reduce layers to taxes clearly ends in boosting tax series. GST aimed at growing a unified market reaping rewards both company and economy. Several nations have applied this tax machine; France is the primary United States to introduce GST. This paper concentrates on advantages of GST and its effects on one-of-a-kind sectors like a vehicle, FMCG, banking, insurance, economic offerings, Pharmaceutical quarter, agriculture, real property, patron durables, oil and gas, cement, telecom, real property, airways, and gold. The findings of the paper discovered a mixed impact on distinct sectors of the Indian economy
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