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Open Access Category: AJMPA Total View - 800
Evaluation of wind electricity ability inside the shelek corridor (Kazakhstan) the usage of weibull distribution characteristic Paper ID: AJMPA-24-06-2019-18
Abstract : Kazakhstan currently has one of the maximum, according to capital, carbon footprints inside the global. there is heavy reliance (approx 85%) on coal for power manufacturing in Kazakhstan. Coal is a very carbon-in depth gas. A pressure to mild coal’s contribution to power manufacturing gives a driving force for wind strength development. locating an appropriate vicinity calls for a detailed and often luxurious analysis of neighborhood wind conditions. Wind resource assessment is an important first step in gauging the potential of a domain to provide power from windmills. on this paper, the wind power ability of the Shelek hall, located inside the Almaty area in Kazakhstan changed into examine. local wind velocity distributions are represented via Weibull facts. The results display that the average annual imply wind speed version for Shelek hall tiers from 4.0 to 8.0 m/s. The wind electricity density variant based at the Weibull analysis ranges from 280.0 to W/m2
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Open Access Category: JCEAC Total View - 791
Advancement of Food Waste Disposal Technology Using Sodium Hydroxide Paper ID: JCEAC-24-06-2019-17
Abstract : In this exploration, we concentrated on the reusing of sustenance waste utilizing sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Pyrolysis of rice, one of the real components of sustenance squander in Japan, was done to get carbon material with adsorption capacity, together with fuel gases (H2, CH4). Subsequently, it was conceivable to change over rice into carbon material while producing fuel gas. With expanding the NaOH expansion and temperature, the substance of CO and CO2 diminishes, those of H2 and CH4 expanded in the produced gas, and the mass of the buildup after pyrolysis with NaOH diminishes to one-tenth load of crude rice. The buildup after pyrolysis is a carbonaceous material with around 80% carbon content, and the buildup after pyrolysis with NaOH (rice test: NaOH = 1: 1) has smooth permeable surface with higher explicit surface territory (901 m2/g) than that after pyrolysis without NaOH (72 m2/g).
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Open Access Category: AJAHS Total View - 923
Abstract : The Indian Sundarbans Delta (ISD) is a part of the delta of the Ganga- Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) basin and shared among Bangladesh (~60 %) and India (~forty %). The ISD unfold over about 9630 square kilometers between 21o30′ to 22o 40′ N, 88o 05′ to 89o 55′ E. The ISD covers 6 administrative blocks of the North 24 Parganas district (Haroa, Hansbad, Hingalganj, Minakhan, Sandeshkhali-I, Sandeshkhali-II) and thirteen blocks in South 24 Parganas (Basanti, Canning-I, Canning-II, Gosaba, Joynagar-I, Joynagar-II, Kakdwip, Kultali, Mathurapur-I, Mathurapur-II, Namkhana, Patharpatima, Sagar) of West Bengal. The vicinity reviews a subtropical monsoonal climate with an annual rainfall of 1,600– 1,800 mm. Sugarcane (Saccharum sp. hybrid complex) is a vegetatively propagated cash crop inside the world as well as in India and the juice extracted from sugarcane is used for making white sugar, brown sugar (Khandsari) and jaggery(gur). Sugarcane has a place of 17 thousand hectares with a median yield of 76.1 MT in keeping with hectare and general manufacturing of 12.94 lakh MT throughout 2017-18 in West Bengal. Sugarcane also can be eaten as is or ate up within the shape of juice, which has a big call for. a pitcher of sugarcane juice with the contact of lemon and ice makes a famous drink which honestly life both health and depleting tiers of energy. natural sugarcane juice has a robust defense in opposition to cancer, mainly breast and prostate cancer. Diabetic patients can also consume sugarcane juice because of the low glycemic index (GI). demands of sugarcane juice can easily be seen through the massive crowd rounding the roadside providers, waiting for a pitcher of Sugarcane juice. organic Jaggery (Gur) is a higher sweetener and having all of the elements of sugarcane juice in addition to sucrose and has an extra dietary fee and characteristic flavor because of natural compounds and can be prepared with the aid of sugarcane growers with the help of some skilled artisans in a small scale. installation of sugarcane juice bars/stores/stalls inside the Bus Stands, health center campuses, market places, academic institutes, one of a kind government office, Kishan Mandies, Parks, traveller Spots, spiritual locations, and so forth and organic jaggery(Gur) can considerably exchange the scenario and having possibilities of employment era as well as boom the earnings of the farmers in ISD
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Open Access Category: AJAHS Total View - 813
Abstract : Morocco has regarded a sturdy growth in urban populace because of population growth, urban migration, and many different social, financial parameters. This urbanization introduces quite complicated phenomena, generating a multitude of problems: transportation, lack of social facilities, environmental degradation, control of the urban area, and so forth. The urban (1) agencies have been created to control this phenomenon thru the improvement of making plans files defining the rules for land use and monitoring of city sports. Geographic information structures (GIS) and Remote Sensing at the moment are positioned as effective equipment for selection help, particularly as regards the control of the area. the combination of the spatial dimension, way to GIS, permits locating data and better organizing facts in an extra consumerpleasant way. a few procedures inside the urban corporations are based on fashionable geographical documents
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