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Open Access Category: JEECS Total View - 347
Equidistant execution of resemblance computation on GPU construction using CUDA Paper ID: JEECS-19-03-2020-166
Abstract : Picture handling and example acknowledgment calculations set aside more effort for execution on a solitary center processor. Illustrations Processing Unit (GPU) is progressively mainstream now-a-days because of their speed, programmability, minimal effort and progressively inbuilt execution centers in it. A large portion of the analysts began work to utilize GPUs as a handling unit with a solitary center PC framework to speedup execution of calculations and in the field of Content based clinical picture recovery (CBMIR), Euclidean separation and Mahalanobis assumes a significant job in recovery of pictures. Separation recipe is significant on the grounds that it assumes a significant job in coordinating the pictures. Right now, we parallelized Euclidean separation calculation on CUDA. CPU with Intel® Dual-Core E5500 @ 2.80GHz and 2.0 GB of principle memory which run on Windows XP (SP2). The following stage was to change over this code in GPU position for example to run this program on GPU NVIDIA GeForce arrangement 9500GT model having 1023 MB of video memory of DDR2 type and transport width of 64bit. The realistic driver we utilized is of 270.81 arrangement of NVIDIA. Right now, the CPU and GPU form of calculation is being actualized on the MATLAB R2010. The CPU adaptation of the calculation is being dissected in straightforward MATLAB however the GPU variant is being executed with the assistance of moderate programming Jacket-win-1.3.0. For utilizing Jacket, we need to make a few changes in our source code so to make the CPU and GPU to work at the same time and accordingly lessening the by and large computational speeding up. Our work utilizes broad use of exceptionally multithreaded design of multicored GPU. An effective utilization of shared memory is required to enhance equal decrease in Compute UnifiedGadget Architecture (CUDA), Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) are developing as amazing equal frameworks at a modest expense of two or three thousand rupees.
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Open Access Category: BJCAE Total View - 455
Effect of Selected Commercially Available Corrosion Inhibitors in Kenya on Bond Strength of Reinforced Concrete Paper ID: BJCAE-18-03-2020-164
Abstract : Corrosion of reinforced concrete water structures generates tensile stress within the concrete and reinforcement interface influencing the service life of structures. This research investigated the influence of selected commercially available corrosion inhibitors in Kenya in combination of selected brands of ordinary Portland cement on the bond behavior of reinforced concrete members. To achieve the desired objective, samples in concrete of characteristic strength of 25N/mm2, 9 cylinders each of 150mm diameter x 300mm long each for four corrosion inhibitors and one control experiment were cast with an embedded rebar of 10mm diameter and 110mm long. For each series 9 cubes of 150mm x 150mm and 9 cylinders of 150mm diameter x 300mm long were cast for compressive strength and split tensile strength test respectively. After 24 hours the cast specimens were demolded and immersed in curing tanks for 27 days and tested for bond strength. The physical and chemical properties of the materials were investigated for compliance to relevant applicable British and Kenyan standards for conformity to acceptable criteria. The concrete materials were batched by weight and mixed by a lab electric pan concrete mixer in batches of 0.009 m3. The concrete batches were tested for consistency by the slump and compaction factor tests. The result show that bond strength increased with all selected corrosion inhibitors in combination with each respective cement brand. A bond strength model that correlated significantly with Orangun et al and Stanish et al model has been proposed
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Open Access Category: AJFSN Total View - 366
Comparative Study of Hematological Parameters of Smoked and Oven-dried Cat fish (Clarias gariepinus) Paper ID: AJFSN-25-02-2020-160
Abstract : Catfishes are a diverse group of ray-finned fishes named for their prominent barbels, slender, whisker-like tactile organs near the mouth, which give the image of cat-like whiskers. Since catfish is not normally consumed raw, various processing methods are employed in preparing them for consumption; which have varying effects on their nutrient contents, texture and flavor. In this study, we assayed for the effects of drying (oven and smoked) catfish on the hematological parameters using Mind Ray Hematology Auto-analyzer. The results of this study showed a significant difference (P<0.05) in the red blood cells (TRBC) level in the various groups with the control group having the highest TRBC level while the oven-dried group had the least. However, no significant difference (P>0.05) was observed on thehemoglobin concentration between the oven-dried and smoked catfish, even though the later has the highest value. Similarly, no significant difference (P>0.05) was observed on the total white blood cells (TWBC) levels of the various groups; although oven-dried catfish group had the highest TWBC level while the smoked group had the least. From the results, it could be concluded that oven-dried catfish could be more beneficial for consumption than smoked catfish considering the adverse effect of smoking on the fish.
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Open Access Category: AJMPR Total View - 341
Development, evaluation and application of Transfersomal Green tea extract (Camellia sinensis) formulations Paper ID: AJMPR-04-02-2020-159
Abstract : Many studies have shown the beneficial health effects of green tea extract in treatment and protection from many diseases. However, inconsistent results were observed; mainly due to poor absorption and low bioavailability associated with oral administration of green tea extract formulations. Conventional alternative route of administration such as transdermal route is proceeded with an advanced nanoparticle delivery system known as transfersomes. Different formulations of transfersomes are prepared with different types and percentages of edge activators in relation to phospholipid content. This review is intended to evaluate and discuss in-vitro and in-vivo behavior of the prepared transfersomal formulations of green tea extract; which in turn would result in enhancing their therapeutic efficacy
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Open Access Category: AJFSN Total View - 249
Production and optimization of physical and chemical properties of cookies from mixture of malted sorghum, whole wheat and tiger nut flours Paper ID: AJFSN-29-01-2020-158
Abstract : Cookies from the blends of malted sorghum flour, whole wheat flour and tiger nut flour were produced and evaluated. The experimental design used was a mixture design which was carried out using Design Expert. A total of 14 samples of the composite flour and one control (100% whole wheat flour) were obtained and used to bake the cookies. The functional properties were determined in the flours. Proximate composition, energy value, sensory evaluation and physical qualities of the cookies were also evaluated. The protein content of the baked cookies ranged from 7.63- 11.68%, the highest value was found in the control. There were also significant differences in fat (1.76-8.74%), fibre (0.98-2.57%), ash (0.95-5.56%) and calorie (346.68-396.54 kCal/100g) of the baked cookies. Cookie made from the blends of 50% malted sorghum, 35% whole wheat and 15% tigernut flours had the highest value of fibre which did not differ significantly from cookie made from the blends of 45% malted sorghum flour, 35% whole wheat flour and 20% tigernut flour which had the highest value of ash. The result of the physical properties showed that the diameter of the cookies ranged from 3.21-3.55 cm, the smallest value was found in the control. No significant differences existed in thickness but there were significant differences in spread ratio (3.18-4.12), breaking strength (400-850 g) and colour. All cookies baked with the composite flours were accepted by the judges and comparable with the control
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